Welcome to Arizona Twice Exceptional

AdamWelcome to az2e.org, a collection of resources for Arizona families with twice exceptional children. Those of us in the twice exceptional community have children who are both gifted and have learning challenges.

There are many wonderful resources on the internet for families with twice exceptional children. Some of the resources we've found include articles, information on organizations, and forums where families can network. To get started, we recommend you read Twice Exceptional: When Gifts and Deficits Meet. Take a look at the links we've collected for you. Please let us know when you find twice exceptional links you think we should add to our page.

To learn more about our journey with our son Adam (pictured above), you can read about us to find you're not alone. We've come to the conclusion that the best thing for Adam is to start a school for Adam and other twice exceptional kids like him. We hope to start Open Doors Learning Center, an alternative learning community for twice exceptional students and other "out of the box" children, in the fall 2009.

We can help each other, so let's stay in touch. Please contact us with feedback or questions. Provide us with your contact information so we can send you email updates and keep you informed on the progress of Open Doors Learning Center.


Kelly and Gary Rostan,

Parents of Adam